Stream your IP camera on YouTube Live

By sending your IP camera’s video stream to YouTube and integrating the player into your website, you can create a reliable 24/7 live view for an almost unlimited number of users.

If streaming to YouTube is possible, depends on your camera’s capability to provide a H.264 stream, and on the camera connection bandwidth. At least 1Mbit/s (upload) is recommended; but streaming with lower framerate and resolution will work.

If your camera is accessible from the internet, you can start right away with these steps:

  • Find your camera’s stream URL
  • Set up YouTube Stream Now (and get the target Server URL and Stream key)
  • Set up and start streaming

Requires account. 
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Step 1 – Find your camera’s stream URL

The video stream URL is usually visible in your camera settings in streaming/video/h.264/RTSP sections. If you cannot find it there, a short google search of you camera model/vendor and ‘RTSP’ or ‘video stream’ should help.

The URL needs to be accessible from our servers. This perhaps requires a port forwarding, dynamic dns setup on your side. Or even better a static IP.

H.264 encoding via RTSP connection is required (and AAC to audio even better).


Step 2 – Set up YouTube Stream Now

The Stream now feature of YouTube can be used for testing and production usage. It will detect the stream parameters automatically.

With YouTube Stream Now, you can only have one live stream per account. We will show how to set up the YouTube Events to use multiple live streams for your IP cameras in one account.

Create the YouTube Event

Go to your YouTube Live dashboard and click into the Live streaming -> Events Menu on the left side.

Add a new Live Event with the upper right button. Set title and permissions (probably to unlisted) in Basic Info.

The Enable DVR setting should be off, as this often causes problems with streams ending too soon or probably content related issues.

Click Create Event.


Get the stream key

For permanent live streams create a reusable Stream Key (so you can reuse the settings later if the stream stops).

Choose: Reusable stream key. Create a new one. The configuration should match the stream from your camera.

The output URL taken from the shown encoder settings is i.e.:

The URL of the main server (You send to us via the form): rtmp:// 

The name of the stream (You send to us via the form): 4c0h-t22y-b68z-XXXX 

You send to us via the form - URL main server & name of the stream (key), and Full Camera stream URL i.e. - rtsp://user:pass@Your-Camera-IP:port/...

Save Changes

Wait for email from us. 

Then go to the YouTube Live Control Room and wait for the stream status to show “GOOD” (might take some minutes).

Click on Preview and start streaming.